About PTown Events

About Ptownevents.com

Ptown Events promotes year-round art, music, festivals and special events in beautiful Provincetown, Massachusetts! It’s the most comprehensive Provincetown calendar of events.

Ptown Events Mission

Our mission for Ptown Events is to help create a positive virtual user experience for visitors, before coming to Provincetown. We want to help you plan your next visit, vacation, second home or move to Ptown!

Participate in Our User Research Activities

We’re looking for people to participate in various user research activities, such as interviews, remote usability test sessions, surveys, or focus groups.

If you participate and complete an activity we will provide compensation, such as a gift card, for your time. Compensation is determined by the length of time the activity requires.

Most activities will be remote. However, we do plan to conduct some activities in Ptown, so if you’re on vacation we’d love you to participate!

If you’re interested in being contacted when we conduct a study, please complete this brief survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ptownevents-uxr.


About Experient UX Design

Experient UX Design publishes Ptown Events. Experient is a user experience design firm based in Provincetown. Experient UX Design has been studying interaction behavior and designing for nearly 20 years. Our experience is in understanding how people interact in the virtual space (web sites, content, programs, and mobile apps).

Contact Us

We are a strong supporter of local businesses and the arts. If you’re interested in promoting or advertising your upcoming event or business, please email us at: [email protected]

Do you need help with your website, social media, content, mobile app? We’d love to help you create a better online user experience for your future patrons! Please email us at: [email protected]