Provincetown July 4th

Note: The parade and fireworks have been cancelled for 2020.

Provincetown July 4th 

What better place to celebrate July 4th than the first landing of the Pilgrims! It was in Provincetown Harbor that they signed the Mayflower Compact, which sowed the seeds for self-government by the people.

While a small-town, Provincetown’s July 4th festivities draw crowds from all over the country. This holiday week really kicks things into high gear for the summer season.

Here are some highlights – and some tips, especially about getting here and parking.

Provincetown July 4
July 4th Parade Provincetown


Provincetown’s 4th of July parade represents Americana at it’s best, with a diverse group of marchers. The traditional marching bands and floats by local businesses, organizations and the fire department are joined by the LGBTQ community and many of the drag performers here for the summer. Political activist also join in representing the town’s believe in the 1st Amendment.

When: 7/4/21 at 11 am Cancelled for 2020. 

Where: Starts at the Harbor Hotel (East End) and continues down Commercial St, through the town center, to the corner of Franklin St in the West End. | See Parade Route

See July 4th Parade Photo Gallery

Register to Participate in the Parade: Contact or call 508-487-7097.

Provincetown July 4
Miss Richfield 1981

Cancelled for 2020

Fireworks – and Where to Watch

When: Dusk – approximately 8:45 – 9 pm Cancelled for 2020. 

Where: Over Provincetown Harbor!

Where to Watch: For a complete list of place to consider watching the fireworks, see our July 4th Fireworks page. Here’s a summary:

Harbor Beaches: At dusk, Provincetown Harbor becomes the backdrop for one of the best fireworks displays on the Cape. The harbor beach that stretches from the East to the West End provide plenty of place to catch the spectacular display. And the tide is cooperating this year: high tide is at 4:40 pm so there will be plenty of room on the beaches.

Restaurants: And if you want a comfortable view of the fireworks, consider making a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants with a harbor view.

Bars: You can also get a prime view from these bars:

  • Aqua Bar, 207 Commercial St | Directions
  • Crown & Anchor: Wave Lounge, Courtyard Bar and the Paramount – 247 Commercial St. | Directions
  • Harbor Hotel, 353 Commercial St | Directions
  • Harbor Lounge, 359 Commercial St | Directions
  • Pied Bar, 193A Commercial St | Directions
Provincetown 4th of July Fireworks
Provincetown 4th of July Fireworks


Parking is a premium in Provincetown on July 4th, which is why it’s near the top of the page! We’ve published a page with a complete list of all parking – including special pop-up parking for busy days like this.

See Parking in Provincetown.


We previously mentioned the restaurants that include a view of the harbor, but there are plenty more options.

Dining: If you plan to enjoy a meal at one of Provincetown’s many fine restaurants, we recommend that you make reservations now.

Casual and Take-out: If you want to keep things casual, there are plenty of eateries that don’t require reservations as well as plenty of take-out options lining Commercial St, the main street in Provincetown. If you’re looking for a specific type of food, we recommend you use “near me” when searching for places. For example, “pizza near me”.

Raw Bars

The newest bar in town offering the Cape’s wonderful Wellfleet raw oysters and clams is the outdoor bar at the Crown & Anchor Courtyard.

Other places include the Aqua Bar, another outdoor bar with a beautiful view of Provincetown Harbor. Right across the street is the Beer Garden with it’s open air seating a prime place for people watching. Pepe’s Wharf is another establishment offering a raw bar with both indoor and outdoor seating.

And we have to plug Mac’s, one of Provincetown’s best seafood restaurants. While it’s outside the downtown area, they have parking!

  • Aqua Bar, 207 Commercial St | Directions
  • Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St. | Directions
  • Mac’s Fish House, 85 Shank Painter Rd | Directions
  • Nor’East Beer Garden, 206 Commercial St | Directions
  • Pepe’s Wharf Restaurant, 371 Commercial St | Directions

Clubs and Dances Tea Dance

Note: Clubs will not be open in Provincetown until Phase 4 of the Massachusetts reopening plan. 

If you’re in the mood to dance, there are plenty of options before and after the fireworks display.

Tea Dance at the Boatslip: The Boatslip kicks things off with their daily tea dance from 4 – 7 pm with DJ Mary Alice. In addition to the dancing, the Boatslip has a large deck overlooking the West End of Provincetown Harbor.

After the Fireworks: After the Provincetown fireworks display, there are plenty of places to continue celebrating the 4th.

Bars: In addition to the many restaurant bars, here are a few recommendations of places to enjoy a cocktail.

  • Aqua Bar (Outdoors), 207 Commercial St | Directions
  • Nor’East Beer Garden (Outside), 206 Commercial St | Directions
  • Bubala’s By the Bay, 183 Commercial St # 185  | Directions
  • Crown & Anchor: Wave Lounge, Courtyard Bar and the Dive Bar (Piano Bar) – 247 Commercial St. | Directions
  • Governor Bradford, 312 Commercial  St | Directions
  • Grotto Bar, 186 Commercial St.  | Directions (under Local 186)
  • Harbor Lounge (Includes a deck), 359 Commercial St | Directions
  • Pied Bar, 193A Commercial St | Directions
  • Porchside Bar, Gifford House, 9 Carver St | Direction
  • Shipwreck Lounge, 10 Carver St | Directions
  • WayDownTown Restaurant, 265 Commercial Street | Directions

Dance Clubs: All the Provincetown dance clubs are straight-friendly ;-}. But please remember: Many of Provincetown’s LGBTQ visitors come here to enjoy the acceptance and freedom that the town embraces and fosters. Their visit may be the only time they get to enjoy the fun of a LGBTQ dance club.

  • A-House, 6 Masonic Place | Directions
  • Paramount at the Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St. | Directions
  • Purgatory, Gifford House Inn, 9 Carver St | Directions
  • The Underground, 293 Commercial St | Directions
  • Velvet Lounge, 258 Commercial St | Directions

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