Nature and Parks in Provincetown

Nature and Parks in Provincetown

Provincetown may be a small area at the tip of Cape Cod, but its filled with natural variety. PTown is only 17.5 square miles and nearly 75% of the town is managed by the National Park Service. From the rolling dunes to the boat studded harbor, PTown has so much beauty to be seen.

Provincetown Harbor

In 1620, the Pilgrims first arrived at Provincetown Harbor on the Mayflower. Today Provincetown Harbor is bustling and is the landing spot for visitors arriving via ferry.
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Beech Forest

By 1800, most of the forests on the Lower Cape had disappeared. Beech Forest is now a protected area in order to preserve the natural habitat. The pond at Beech Forest has a pedestrian trail for visitors to enjoy the area’s unique scenery.
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The sandy dunes of Provincetown stretch as far as the eye can see.

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