Ptown Beach Bonfires

A bonfire on the beach with friends is the perfect end to the day, but you’ll need to plan in advance.

Do I need a permit to have a bonfire?

Yes. The Cape Cod National Seashore Park requires a bonfire permit for the beaches on its land, and grants a limited number of permits per beach per day.

Note: Demand for reservations is extremely high during the summer months.

How much does a permit cost?

Nothing – it’s free!

Do I need to get the permit in advance?

Yes. You need to reserve the permit at 3 days in advance. Here’s 3 day schedule from the Park Service – but again, permits are in demand during the summer months.

Provincetown Beach Bonfires and Permits

Provincetown Bonfire Permit Schedule
Provincetown Bonfire Permit Schedule


How do I reserve a permit?

Visit or call the Province Lands Visitor Center. Note: The park grants reservations to people who come to the center each morning before accepting phone reservations.

On the day of the bonfire, you’ll need to pick up the permit by 3:30 pm at the Province Lands Visitor Center.

171 Race Point Rd. | Directions


Do I need a permit for a charcoal grill or a stove using fuel?

Permits are not required for stoves using manufactured fuels or for charcoal grills when used in designated picnic areas at Pilgrim Heights and Beech Forest, or on sandy or rocky beaches bordering tidewater.

Fire Permits for Off-Road Vehicles

Fire permits for the ORV corridor are issued through the Off-Road Vehicles office at Race Point Ranger Station in Provincetown. You can visit the office or call.

200 Race Point Rd | Directions

508-487-2100 ext: 0927

Be safe and have fun!

Provincetown Beach Bonfires and Permits