Day of the Dead Performing Arts Festival

Provincetown Day of Dead Performing Arts Festival

When: Various events: Beginning Sun, October 21 – Fri, Nov 2, 2018

Where: Various Venues

What: The festival is a 10-day celebration consisting of:

  • Workshops: The Day of the Dead Festival is designed to remember and honor the dead through artistic expressions and a procession honoring the dead. The festival begins with a series of workshops for those who want to express their feelings through creative activities. The workshop series includes print and mask making, “sugar skull” decorating, and tin art.
  • Procession: The festival culminates with the Day of the Dead Procession down Commercial St through town. The Procession is a belief in the power of creativity to help grieve the loss of loved ones – whether friend, family member, partner, spouse, co-worker, animal companion or cultural hero.
  • Celebration: After the procession, the festival will continue with events at Provincetown Theater.

For the complete schedule, see the official Provincetown Day of the Dead website at


Instagram: @provincetowndayofthedead