Poppy Champlin

Poppy Champlin

Who: Poppy Champlin’s high energy act does not disappoint. She has keen observations on life, love, politics and more. She questions the status quo, rants about the things she considers unfair, and mocks the things she deems ridiculous. She blends her jokes masterfully each bit lending itself to the next with the flare and ease of a master conductor. Poppy brings her new show to town: Poppy’s Popppin’ N Rockin’ Comedy Show.

When: Wed, 7/18 – Fri, 7/20;  7 pm

Where: Pilgrim House Provincetown, 336 Commercial St. | Directions

Cost: $25 | Tickets

About Poppy

Poppy started as a member of the famed Chicago’s Second City Improv group. Poppy is currently touring the country performing her solo comedy show as well as, producing and performing in the Queer Queens of Comedy, which is also touring nationally and has also made numerous television performances including One-Night Stand-up (LOGO), Entertainment Tonight and the Showtime Special Pride.

Poppy Champlin Provincetown performances also include Single Women’s Weekend.

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