Parking in Provincetown

Parking in Provincetown

We’ve got the complete list of parking site – public, private and even pop-up parking during the summer season!

When is Parking Enforced?

  • May – October: May 1st – October 31st, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Hours: Street and metered parking rules are in effect from 8 am – midnight. (The McMillan Pier and Grace Hall lots are open 24 hours.)

Avoid parking and take the ferry

If you’re traveling from the Boston area during the peak summer months of July and August, we recommend taking the Fast Ferry – 90 minutes each way. Read more about the ferries

Parking in Provincetown

24/7 Parking Lots (Center of Town)

The benefit of these two lots is that you pay based on amount of time and they are open 24/7. All of these lots are location in or just outside of the center of town.

MacMillan Wharf Parking Lot: 321 spaces, but fills up fast. Open 24/7 and you pay on exit.Rate:  $3.50 /hr or max. daily $35.00.| Directions

Provincetown Marina Lot: This small lot is located next to MacMillan Wharf, and fills up quickly.

Grace Hall Parking Lot: 354 spaces, and open 24/7 and you pay on exit. Rate:  $2.50 /hr or max. daily $30.00. Entrances: There are two entrances (only one exit), but enter through Captain Bertie’s Way. You’ll miss traffic on Conwell and Bradford Sts, which can be heavy at times.

Riley’s Parking Lot: Large lot and a quick walk to town. | Directions


Kiosk and Metered Parking (Municipal Parking)


  • Kiosk: $2.00 per hour
  • Meter: $1.50 per hour

West End (Listed from closest to center to farthest)

Ptown Fire Station Kiosk: 26 cars.; Short walk to center.  | Directions

Shank Painter Rd – Metered: 12 cars; Spaces are tight. | Directions

School St – Metered: 29 spaces; 7 minute walk into town. | Directions

West End – Kiosk: 44 spaces; 10 minute walk into town. | Directions

Pilgrim’s First Landing – Metered: 10 spaces| Directions (If you travel down to the rotary, you may find a free space!)


Center of Town (Listed closest to farthest)

Standish St – Metered: 9 spaces; On-street. | Directions

Bradford St – Kiosk: Approximately 22 spaces. | Directions

Alden St – Kiosk: Approximately 25 spaces. No access from Bradford St. You can enter Alden St off Jerome Smith Way (Directions) or from Standish St. (Directions)

Johnson St – Metered:  33 spaces; On Commercial St, near the center of town. | Directions

Harry Kemp Way – Kiosk (Conwell St end): 35 spaces. | Directions

Winslow & Mayflower Sts – Kiosk: 50 spaces; There are only two kiosks on this long street: at the top of Winslow St, and in the Jerome Smith Parking Lot. | Directions

Jerome Smith Rd – Kiosk and Weekly pass for $50: This lot is near Route 6a, so it’s a bit more of a walk to town. Call the Provincetown Parking Office at 508-487-7050 to obtain a weekly pass. | Directions


Small Public Lots (Privately Owned)

Here are a few smaller, public parking lots. (You may see a few other pop-up parking too.)

Pat’s Happy Park, 401 Commercial St (East End across from Spindler’s) | Directions

148 Bradford St (next to Farland Provisions) | Directions

True Value Hardware, 337 Commercial St (After 5pm) | Directions

10 Montello St (Beside Mussel Beach Gym) | Directions