Provincetown Winter Wednesdays

This popular program with free community program offering courses on a drop-in basis is back in February and March 2018. Program sponsors include the Provincetown Schools, Library, Housing and Health Departments.

Dates: Wednesdays February 7 – March 28

Time: 6 – 8 pm

Where: Provincetown School, 12 Winslow St

  • To enter the school building: Enter through the Grace Hall Parking Lot playground entrance (southeast corner). Parking is free.

* Note: Musicals with a Message will be held at the Provincetown Library from 5 – 8 pm.

List of Courses

Note: The Knitting at Night and Creative Writing classes have been cancelled

Musicals with a Message

Description: Series for watching and discussing musicals from the Wizard of Oz to Hairspray.

Instructor: Dr. Marc Strauss

Where: Provincetown Public Library, 356 Commercial St | Directions

Time: 5 – 8 pm


Feb 7: The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Feb 14: Finian’s Rainbow (1968)

Feb 21: Hair (1979)

Feb 28: Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

March 7: 1776 (1972)

March 14: A Chorus Line (1985)

March 21: Rent (2005)

Winter Wednesday Film Series - Provincetown Public Library


Description: Homemade cards for every event and holiday.

Instructor: Sherry Prada, Stampin Up Demonstrator

Fee: **$5 Per Class


Feb 7: Valentine’s Day and wedding

Feb 14: Birthday and baby shower

Feb 21: Sympathy and get well

Feb 28: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation

March 7: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and 4th of July

March 14: Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving

March 21: Thank you and general cards

March 28: Class choice

Paper Crafts - Provincetown Public Library

The Mindful Way

Description: A mindfulness based program designed to help deal with persistent and unwanted mood states like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Instructor: Alison Dwyer, APRN-BC- Holistic Nurse Practitioner


Feb 7: Moving from living on “automatic pilot” to living with awareness and conscious choice

Feb 14: Moving from relating to experience through thinking and directly sensing

Feb 21: Moving from dwelling in the past and future to being fully in the present moment

Feb 28: Moving from trying to avoid, escape, or get rid of unpleasant experience to approaching it with interest

March 7: Moving from needing things to be different to allowing them to be just as they already are

March 14: Moving from seeing thoughts as true and real to seeing them as mental events the may not correspond to reality

March 21: Moving from treating yourself harshly to taking care of yourself with kindness and compassion

March 28: Planning a mindful future

Winter Wednesdays, The Mindful Way

Talk (Wood) Shop

Description: Work alongside your friends and neighbors, and with guidance from a roster of local woodworking legends and legends in the making. Bring your own materials and projects. Woodshop tools and equipment are available.

Instructor: Nate McKean (and guests)

Dates: Wed, Feb 7 – Wed, March 28

Winter Wednesdays, Talk (Wood) Shop

Eating For Your Health

Description: From detox diet foods to Chinese medicinal foods that lift your mood, learn about foods that will help an array of ailments.

Instructor: Bethany Gregory, Chef, Strangers & Saints


Feb 7: Juice cleanse: release toxins

Feb 14: Juicing for ailments: joint health, stomach issues, allergies, immune support

Feb 21: Traditional Chinese Medicine Pt. 1

Feb 28: Traditional Chinese Medicine Pt. 2

March 7: Medicinal mushrooms

March 14: The edible pharmacy

March 21: Mental meals: Eating for enhanced brain function and to help prevent degenerative disorders

March 28: Feeding your physical needs; Listening to your body

Plant-Based Ethnic Cooking, Winter Wednesdays

Pies, Pies, and More Pies

Description: Learn how to make your own dough, different styles of pies, and take home your very own creations.

Instructor: Shane Landry, Owner, Connie’s Bakery & Cafe


Feb 7:  Pie dough – Why does everyone have a different recipe for the perfect pie dough?

Feb 14:  Fruit pies

Feb 21:  Puddings and cream pies

Feb 28:  Hand held pies

March 7:  Sweet or savory

March 14:  Chicken pot pie

March 21:  Decorative crusts

March 28: Make your own

Pies, Pies, and More Pies 2018

Acting Shakespeare

Description: Gain acting skills while learning the works of William Shakespeare.

  • Insights into the era of Elizabethan theatre. History of Shakespearean actors from Richard Burbage to Dame Judi Dench. Shakespearean blank verse and Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  • Movement and diaphragmatic breathing exercises.
  • An overview of various acting techniques
  • Monologue performance by class participants

Instructor: Stuard M. Derrick, Actor/Director

Dates: Wed, Feb 7 – Wed, March 28

Winter Wednesdays, William Shakespeare